Thank you


Thanks to your support, we were able to successfully collect and donate over 30 swimsuits 20 pairs of fins and other assorted items like googles to the Peninsula YMCA  and the YMCA's Camp Jones Gulch

Thank You for Your Support.

-Fins in Bins 


How You Can Help

You can help by donating your unwanted equipment at one of our drives. Otherwise, if you are nearby, contact us and we will pick up your unwanted gear and find them a new home. By donating you can equip the next generation of swimmers.

We are also looking for a lawyer to help us establish 501(c)(3) status on a pro bono basis.


Milestones and Achievements

Our Journey so far...


bac Spooky hop drive

October 28-29, 2017: In response to the the fires in the North Bay, FinsinBins partnered with Burlingame Aquatic Club to collect swim equipment to help swim families who were affected by the fire.

Special thanks to Ben Chung who helped us run this event.


pAsa cardinal drive

October 15, 2017: In response to the recent fires in the North Bay, FinsinBins partnered with PASA Cardinal to collect swim equipment for those affected by the fire.

Special thanks to Laura Mitchel who helped run the event.


Stanford women's swim team special donation

August 31, 2017

Special Thanks to Stanford University Women's Swim team who donated a varity of swim equipment.


peninsula Ymca donation

July 16, 2017: We visited the inspiring headquarters for the Peninsula YMCA. In total we donated over 55 items, including 25 fins, 12 goggles, and 3 tech suits.


San francisco YMCA Camp Jones Gulch donation

June 30th, 2017: We visited the beautiful YMCA Camp Jones Gulch, located in the middle of the forest. In total we donated 20 fins, 20 swimsuits, and 12 goggles.

Pasa cardinal intrasquad meet

June 27th, 2017: We ran our second equipment drive. In total we accumulated over 15o items, including 35 pairs of fins, 60 swimsuits, and 25 goggles.

Pasa cardinal intrasquad meet

July 24th, 2016: We launched our first equipment drive. We collected a total of over a hundred assorted items including, but not limited to: swimsuits, goggles, caps, fins, buoys, and paddles.